Former Members


David Wilkie (Ph.D. @ UCL, 2019 & EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow @ UCL, 2019 - 2021)

Currently:  Wind Research Analyst at Willis Towers Watson, London, UK

Thesis/Topic: Offshore wind turbine reliability, risk and resilience

Omar Velazquez Ortiz (Ph.D. @ UCL, 2020)

Currently:  Engineering and Mathematics Tutor at Kaplan International College London, London, UK

Thesis: Investigating the cross-disciplinary components of Earthquake Early Warning Systems (Co-Supervised with Dr Gianluca Pescaroli, UCL's Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, UK)

Chen Huang (Ph.D. @ UCL, 2020)

Currently:  Researcher at NORSAR, Oslo, Norway

Thesis: Advancing ground-motion modelling methodologies for improved seismic hazard assessment (Co-Supervised with Dr Karim Tarbali, UCL & The University of Edinburgh, UK)

Giacomo Sevieri (Research Fellow @ UCL, 2019-2020)

Currently: Catastrophe Risk Analyst at Zurich Insurance Group, Zurich, Switzerland

Topic: Multi-hazard vulnerability of cultural heritage assets in developing countries (CHeRiSH project)

Jamal Dabbeek (Visiting Researcher @ UCL & Ph.D. @ IUSS Pavia, 2020)

Currently: Earthquake Engineer at the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation, Pavia, Italy

Thesis: Earthquake and Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation in the Middle East (Co-Supervised with Dr Vitor Silva,  GEM Foundation, Pavia, Italy)

Annibale Vecere (Visiting Researcher @ UCL & Ph.D. @ IUSS Pavia, 2019)

Currently: Catastrophe Modelling Specialist at Generali, Trieste, Italy

Thesis: Near real-time flood loss estimation as a basis for risk financing mechanisms (Co-Supervised with Prof  Mario Martina and Prof Ricardo Monteiro, IUSS Pavia, Italy)

Catalina Fortuño (Research Assistant @ UCL, 2018-2019)

Currently:  Earthquake Engineering/Project Manager at Instituto para la Resiliencia ante Desastres (Chilean Institute for Disaster Resilience), Santiago, Chile

Topic: Impact of time-dependent hazard modelling on portfolio loss assessment (with ARUP, London, UK)

Alexandra Tsioulou (Ph.D. @ UCL, 2018)
Currently:  Research Analyst at Willis Towers Watson, London, UK
Thesis: Simulated ground motions for seismic risk assessment of structures (Co-Supervised with Prof Alexandros Taflanidis, University of Notre Dame, USA)


Stelios Minas (Eng.D. @ UCL, 2018)

Currently: Risk Consultant at AIR Worldwide, Singapore

Thesis: Advancements in the seismic risk assessment of mid-rise reinforced concrete buildings (Co-Supervised with Prof Tiziana Rossetto, UCL, UK)

Marco Bertolini (Research Assistant @ UCL, 2017-2018)

Currently: Structural Engineer at Aktins, Bristol, UK

Topic: Ground-motion selection and modification for nonlinear dynamic analysis of structures

Arash Nassirpour (Research Assistant @ UCL, 2016-2017)

Currently: Teaching Fellow in Earthquake Engineering at UCL, London, UK

Topic: Multi-hazard physical vulnerability assessment of school facilities in the Philippines (SCOSSO project)

Nicola Branchini (Research Assistant @ UCL, 2016-2017)

Currently:  Engineering Trade Manager at Hilti, Milan, Italy

Topic: Non-structural vulnerability assessment and casualty estimation of school facilities in the Philippines (SCOSSO project)

Kimberly Stillmaker (Ph.D. @ UC Davis, 2016)

Currently: Assistant Professor at California State University, Fresno, USA

Thesis: Probabilistic fracture mechanics based assessment of welded column splices in steel moment frames (Co-Supervised with Prof Amit Kanvinde, University of California, Davis, USA)